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Thirsty for knowledge?

Of course, you are. The spiritual awakening has already begun for many and now the ascension process is here.

So, what’s the difference? The “awakening” can feel like a slight nudge from the universe or our guides, like a little tap on the shoulder, signs or synchronicities or a whisper in your ear - if you’re lucky. For most of us it can feel like being hit over the head with a baseball bat or knocked to our knees by a situation to WAKE UP! The ascension process comes after the awakening, and it is when we begin to surrender to or accept the fact that there is a bigger plan ahead of us in this lifetime. We start to realise how small we are in relation to the universal plans for the ascension of the entire planet. When we enter the ascension process, we begin to ask the big life questions and change the way we view our lives on a micro and macro level.

We are so lucky to have chosen this time now to be on this earth. Yes, that’s right, you chose to be here now and what an important time to be here. So much is happening in our world, and we are a massive part of it no matter how small we really are in the big scheme of things. The times are changing and when I think back 30 years or so I would have had to convince people why I use crystals or smudge my home, honour the moon cycles but no one batts and eyelid over the practice anymore. Well almost no one. Some may think it’s a bit odd, look at you strangely, but most who haven’t heard of it are mostly intrigued and open minded to what you are doing in your practice as they too are beginning to awaken. It’s fabulous and quite exciting. Spiritual education and being able to source spiritual educators are also so easy too! We have so much wisdom available to us all where many years ago it was near close to impossible to find someone to assist us on our paths.

We are searchers of knowledge. With everything available at the click of a button we google search, enrol in courses and education, learn, grow, develop but are we integrating the knowledge to the fullest potential with the current lifestyle and distractions on a daily basis? Integration is an important part of the ascension process. I don’t feel that we are fully integrating the education available to us not to mention listening to our own inner wisdom anymore. Are we just learning? Integrating it means to sit with it, assess what feels right for you, to share, to pass down and to put it into practice.

In times before this lifetime to gain answers to the big questions we would enlist the aid of the Priests and Priestesses for guidance and direction. We would gather in ceremony and rituals held by them and bring the practices into our own communities. We would gather, learn, and do. Ceremony and rituals date back thousands of years.

For those active on their spiritual path, we put the knowledge into practice and create our own little rituals as part of our daily lives. When I was young, I remember my mother would place the advent candles on the dining room table at Christmas time. We would gather weekly and light a candle in prayer. We would pray for us all and for the collective. At the time it seemed like a nice thing to do but I never really understood the depths of exactly why she did it until my later years and my own awakening. It was because she had integrated the wisdom and teachings and she brought her own spirituality into our daily lives passing down the tradition and made it a yearly ritual.

I am sitting here writing this on family members birthday and it made me reflect on the celebrations of our lives also, the rituals we do. We do the parties, buy the cake, and presents and leave after the cake. This in itself is a celebration ritual but has the essence of a birthday ceremony been lost over the years? In ancient times these special celebrations were times of gathering to honour the rites of passage and ceremonial preparations of our children to take on paths of their own in work, community, war. Perhaps if we begin to remember the old ways and teach our children what others were being prepared for before their lifetime there may be a deeper appreciation of what they need not endure here also.

What have you learnt so far? Did your parents show you little rituals and ceremonies you can pass down to your children? How are you integrating your knowledge and wisdom?

Placing our knowledge into action becomes the ceremony, becomes the ritual and the integration of the wisdom. The ascension is here, let's put it into practice.

Rachel Grace

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