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Rachel Grace is an international medium, author, writer, qualified educator, psychic, and spiritual advisor. Rachel believes that we all have the ability to connect at a deeper level to our own soul gifts, our intuition, our paths and has devoted her time, in all her creations, classes and students to the further understanding of the sacred mysteries of life and implementing the wisdom into today’s world.


Thorough spiritual teachings, on a range of topics and modalities.

​Rachel Grace meets you at your level! Whether you are a beginner or advanced level along your journey, these classes are for you and catered to offer basic and depths of knowledge in each class.

​Proven commitment to your spiritual practice with the assistance and guidance of Rachel & the community.

Previous students of Rachel Grace showed an immense heightening of their own intuitive capabilities, deepening their knowledge and practice, plus placing the teachings into grounded action.


While physical alchemy deals with altering and transforming the properties in the physical world, spiritual alchemy is connected with freeing your spiritual self from your fears, limiting beliefs systems, and lack of self-acceptance. Alchemy is the art of transformation, inner liberation, and change.


The focus for the 2024 program is to pull spiritual learning concepts apart by offering a different take on the learning that is currently available, testing all methods and then bringing them all back together for a new way of transformation for ultimate change.


I am truly so thrilled to bring you this program!


THE ALCHEMIST is the ultimate weekly spiritual hit to keep you evolving, learning whilst being held in a tight container where you can enter with questions and find clarity, support, and strength. We will work together in four sessions across each month dedicated to a different aspect. They will be identified and developed each month through the sessions. 


All sessions are conducted live on Zoom and recorded for later viewing. Sessions are from 60-120 min in duration. If you miss class for any reason, you’ll have access to the archived recordings for three months. Pay attention to that wisdom. Do the work when you are ready.


• Sessions can be accessed via laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.


With THE ALCHEMIST membership, you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other members and enjoy additional Facebook posts, learnings, and videos created specifically for you. 



THE ALCHEMIST Program Includes:

4 live sessions per month (archived for later viewing)



MAIN LESSON - on a spiritual topic which is the main topic for each month. These range from crafting, to ceremony learning, to psychic awareness even mediumship connections. All topics will vary.



SOUND HEALING – you will be provided with sound healing learning each month dedicated to one tool with all the knowledge and practical work behind it.

(Please note at the end of the year if all sessions are completed you will receive a Certificate in Sound Healing though the Rachel Grace International Academy of Metaphysics.)



CRYSTAL MAGICK – Included in THE ALCHEMIST PROGRAM is the session from the crystal magick program. This is such important learning to be included and needed for this program to not only use but to learn more about your Crystals as an ally to the work this year.




HANG OUT – in this session you will be hanging out with your educator Rachel Grace and your fellow classmates for an hour. Here you will have the opportunity to ask questions, review the education for the month, there may be a meditation, or we may just simply hang out!




  • In some classes we have free meditations that enable you to develop a connection to your spirit guides, ancestors, and elders. 


  • Additional free bonus sessions and Facebook Lives in the Facebook group throughout the year.


  • Exclusive access to select new product launches and learnings.


  • A monthly standing discount whenever you shop at Grace Crystals & Academy.



Monthly Class Tools & Allies

Each month you will learn about crystals and other metaphysical items to support your learning. These purchases are optional as you may already have these tools at home in your collection and it is not a requirement for you to participate in the program.


Rachel Grace offers certified courses for Numerology, Tarot and Levels of Psychic and Mediumship development.

For more information contact Rachel directly via email

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