I was 3 years old when I SAW my first Spirit. It was a vision that I will never forget and it opened a pathway for other Spirits over the years to continually contact me. I was never afraid of the contact, communication, or presence of these Spirits. At a young age I actually liked that they used to come play with me at night time and make me laugh. I used to experience vivid dreams. I would HEAR and just KNOW quite a lot about different situations and people that I could never explain. I would also at a young age know quite a bit about people that I shouldn't have known. I had premonitions that would come true and a deep intuition that I just thought everyone had.

I was steered and placed in the position that has been chosen for me, I am a Psychic & Medium. I can SEE, HEAR, FEEL and KNOW Spirits are around. At first, I didn't understand why this was happening but I decided not to ignore it anymore and I started on the journey to develop this gift I have.

It wasn't until later in life that I began to realise that not everyone is the same as me. My senses were getting stronger, this may be due to the fact I was surrounded by amazing Crystals, and what I now see as my gift was interfering with my everyday life and relationships. I found it harder and harder to hide this gift as I thought people would think that I am mad.

I have always been drawn to Crystals and Gemstones, well I grew up with them all around me as my Father was a Geologist, Opal Dealer and Jeweller. Seeing his own respect for the Crystal and Mineral kingdom sparked an interest in me. Using these tools in my practice and connection for over 30 years now led me to working more closely with them and I am just beyond grateful that I am able to hand choose some magical pieces to offer you in the Showroom.

I have always been drawn to the world of Metaphysics, concepts of time and space interested me and my curiosity of what is unseen lead me to spend hours in the search for answers to what is considered to be un-explainable.

I began the quest for answers at a young age and was so drawn to divination tools as well as immersing myself in learning of all modalities. I continue to dive deep in spiritual education every year with different mentors. I love learning and have studied various modalities with many mentors ranging from Shamanism, Quantum Physics & Healing, Metaphysics, Geology, Crystal Healing, Advanced Psychic & Mediumship Certification LWISSD, Numerology, Tarot, Angels, Spiritual Coaching, Wicca & Reiki to name a few.

Due to my love for diving deep into education, I decided to take my own knowledge, experiences and learnt information and begin to pass this on through structured education. I am the Founder of the Rachel Grace International Academy of Metaphysics and the Rachel Grace Showroom & Academy. I am a qualified Educator and my passion is to guide and to fill you full of knowledge, offer you tools to assist you along your own Spiritual Journey through education.


​I have been asked about my logo and heard lovely comments on how lovely, simple and beautiful it is.

I thought I would take the time to sit and write exactly why I chose it. It immediately resonated with me.

As you can see it is the Moon and the Sun joined as one full circle. Although so far away from each other they are always connected as their energies are similar. One brings us night and the other daylight. They go hand in hand as day to night, sadness to light, yin and yang and as the list goes on we cannot imagine one without the other so it is with each other.

We cannot survive on this earth plane without the love of others. We are love. We are touched by others souls daily and the interaction of those within our Soul Circle is the most divine experience of human interaction in this life. When one person from our soul circle exits this earth plane and returns home we are left with only memories and a pain in our hearts that reminds us of a great loss until we meet again. So like the Moon is connected to the Sun, we here on the earth plane are always connected to the Spirit world they just exist in a different dimension.

This logo is a symbol of the faith and the knowing that all souls will be reunited. The interaction will become one again with no ending just like the circle.


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