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A Medium and

A Hairdresser?

Yes, you read that right. While Rachel Grace is a talented, innovative, and a highly regarded Australian hairstylist with over 25 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry, over the years she has also worked with the spirit world and educates others to do the same through her Metaphysical Academy.

“After my near death experience 15 years ago, I knew I needed to fit in the spirituality side of me somewhere. Who says we only need one path in life right. So, Hair and Spirit it is!”

Rachel has always been drawn to the world of Metaphysics, concepts of time and space, and curious to what is unseen and considered to be un-explainable. Whist developing her career as a hairstylist working in various salons and becoming an Educator for Cert III & IV Hairdressing for 8 years, Rachel was also pouring her efforts into her other business Grace Crystals & Academy.

Rachel loves to guide and take her own knowledge, experiences and learnt information to educate others through her structured certified courses and workshops. Ranging from Metaphysical Education, Crystals, Numerology and Tarot Courses to Advanced Psychic & Mediumship Certification, Rachel educates and holds space to allow you to develop your soul gifts to share with the world through her 2024 Membership program – The Alchemist, with weekly online classes.

Rachel Grace is also the Author of Numerology Cards, Numerology Book, One Affirmation card and The Secrets of the Universe Oracle Deck that you may have stumbled across in your local bookstores or metaphysical shops.


Rachel Grace now sets out to focus on the long standing brand of Matrix Hair Studio to bring luxury, power, and confidence through every hair styled design for her clients. Being involved in numerous hair shows and the stylist behind many well-known celebrities on TV shows, it is her belief that through the magic of hair transformations and haircare, that anyone can be transformed on the inside also.

“beauty is on the inside and out,



You are invited to experience your next hair makeover, or to book in a healing session or Education with Rachel Grace


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