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Rachel has 35 years of experience in the Psychic, Mediumship and Energy Healing industry.

Rachel connects inter-dimensionally when doing readings and healings.

During a healing session Rachel works on all layers of the Auric field, Chakra alignment, Cutting or narrowing of cords, past life connections, removal of attachments, energetic shifts, re-coding, opening of energy streams and so on. Rachels healings are a blend of Reiki, Shamanic, Quantum, Crystal, and Pagan healing techniques.

These sessions are available in person at her studio in Wilton or via zoom which works just as well as being in person.

Payment will need to be made via direct deposit before you're healing time.

You will be sent a zoom link to the email address you provide at the time of booking.

READING 30min •   $150

HEALING 60min •    $270

MENTORING 60min •   $270

For Healing, Reading and House Clearing bookings, please request via email 

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