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Head to your Personal Year Number for your personal Numerology monthly forecast for MAY 2023.

Wondering how to find your Personal Year number? It's easy:

First, reduce your day and month of birth to a single digit. So, if you were born on 4th July, your calculation goes like this: 4+ 7 = 11, and 1 + 1 = 2.

Next, reduce the current year to a single digit. For 2023, this is 7, because 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7.

Lastly, add these two numbers together, and reduce to a single digit.

So, for the person born on 4th July 2 + 7 = 9. They're in a Personal Year number 9.

Hey Magickal One!

What a whirlwind last month has been! I don’t know about you, but I began the month with a huge disc injury in my neck that I am still recovering from and while I am here writing this forecast for you all I cannot tell you the realization I have had reading over what I wrote in last month’s forecast and how it related to me personally too. It is interesting to look back.

I have been asked last month about my forecasts which I don’t think that I have ever explained. While I am a Numerologist, and I have also nearly completed all my education around becoming an Astrologist, what I bring to you is a combination of both with a mix of my own psychic forecasts for each number, each month and it is my passion.

Let’s dive into MAY!

Astrologically we have quite a lot happening at the beginning of this month. The first week we have Pluto moving retrograde, a powerful Lunar Eclipse Full moon on the same day as Samhain and our annual 5/5 ritual which is all about the ultimate manifestation for the year. Yes, all of this in one week and the overall tone of the numerology of the month tells the same tale. This month being filled with a weekly astrological events is like our social calendars are filled with doing the soul work that is required. Grab your diaries out and plan the important dates as they arise.


After the collective soul-searching of last month this month with all the events planned is a welcome break from intense energy for a shift forward. While April was quite serious, we are moving into a lighter month and locking into an energy where not to take yourself or the world too seriously.

Be on the lookout to surround yourselves with others that want to shift stagnant energy and have fun!

While fun and light-hearted communication and interactions with others is on the way there is still the deeper aspect of authentic expression required for yourself and others. It is like we will have the opportunity, especially with the Pluto Retrograde to turn back time a little and take a lighter approach to life and situations that shifted you at a core level.

The demands that life has on us all will also call for true ethics and authentic relationships, the self-expression can also show up as criticism and judgement within. Be sure not to project these feelings to others externally in your world and do your souls work yourself.

Keep your eyes and your options opened this month – the change is on its way for you which will be a welcomed delight.

What is your individual forecast for MAY 2023? Read your own personal year number below.


Number one’s for you this is really the month to focus on home. How to create a peaceful loving home life, be surrounded by others that have one or enjoying the one that you have. There is a need to not only do this for yourself but for others and you may wish to have a partner in crime to create this with you. This is not a month for you to be alone. A new living arrangement, move of house or even gathering with others that feel like home to you is one if importance to you for May. These changes may be felt around the 17th of this month. You may feel the need to take on extra responsibility with the process of what is heartfelt for you. If you are in a relationship, there will be a loving presence felt during this month and the need for extra support from your partner to show that they are on your side when it comes to your plans going forward. If you are single and looking for a relationship the inner desire and need to be with a partner will be prevalent. It may feel like the clock is ticking and you feel the need to lock it down and into your orbit. Just be mindful that others may not be on the same cycle as you do don’t go all crazy in a rush or push if your potential partner isn’t there just yet.


Number twos, trusting the universe and what it has in store for you can be tough. You may have experienced a huge shift internally or came face to face with your own demons last month. While there is a test of true faith in the process of life and the paths, we have ultimately chosen for ourselves can be seen and felt it is needed for you to now turn your attention to surrendering to a higher power and trust that the universe does have your back. It is amusing to me when this occurs in my life that I am in search for the answer, the why is this happening, and it isn’t till the situation has lightened a little and I get out of my own head that I can see the outcome, the reason, and the finish line. This month for number twos is about seeing the outcome but only if you surrender to the process that the universe has for you. Here is a lesson in Trust!


Number threes, have you experienced self-doubt? Are you waiting for the sign that you are on the right path and the decisions that you have made for change this year was correct for you or others? Well, I am here to give you a little insight and let you know all is on track it is you that is getting in the way of yourself. May is a month for you to diminish this self-talk and reflection and begin to step into your power. There is a financial overtone for the month, and you may find yourself going to bed every night and waking every morning thinking about your finances. How you would like a little more abundance in your life. While this is a month of personal power which will be tested this is also a very lucky month regarding manifestation for you. I hope you have booked in for the 5/5 ritual.


Number fours, it is time to release especially under the upcoming full moon. There is no better time to circle back and remind us of the overall energy this year and the month of May will be a reflection and a month of clearing for you. What I love about numerology is that there are key elements that are always available for us all to work with and if we focus each month at a time then the energy and work that is there can be of such benefit. In saying this for you number fours, the finalization of situations that you expected to occur may not present itself to you this month and there may not be the certainty that you wanted. This can feel a little mixed up, but the conclusion of situations will occur from the 9th to the 15th of May offering a breath of fresh air and a feeling of a clean slate. Hang in there.


Number fives, the month of May will be so delightful with opportunities and welcomed surprises. If we look at the overall energy of the year for you, it is about the sense of freedom, facing fears and being open to changes in your life and this month will show you the way forward. It is like there is a new gate that has opened in a field where you may have felt lost and you now have the key to unlock it and swing it open in full force, excited to see where the new path leads. Along this new journey there will be a renewed energy that you carry with you this month and your intuition is heightened with all that you have learned over the past four months this year. While it is tempting to jump into every opportunity that is on offer behind this new gate, please do not forget the wisdom that you have learnt along the way so far. Bank on your knowledge and your gut which will not lead you wrong. Be prepared for all that arrives in your path, take opportunities but again use your head!


Number sixes the month of May offers you an energy of support and further engagement with those in your orbit. You will need to take the sensitive role in conversations around family and partnerships from 6th to 16th May and be mindful not to become too involved in issues that are not directly yours to hold. Being pulled into matters that do not directly involve you may not feel like the best situation to be in, but you are being pulled for a reason. It is needed for you to offer your attention and support for others in the way that the energy of this month supports you. This energy of the master number 11 will offer you the spark needed to move the needle forward for yourself and others lives which will be acknowledged. This sense of duty is front and centre for the month so be sure to offer additional time but not be pulled in too much emotionally. Take care of you too!


Number seven, what lights you up? This year for you has already proven to be one of soul searching and it is time to bring this reflection externally in a fun way. There can be fun in self-improvement with your tribe on your side to lock into a more social butterfly you! This month you will feel a little lighter in energy and not so much weighed down with the heaviness of responsibility and weight of the world. You may find yourself locking into a creative project, going out, traveling, or even trying something silly and new like bowling or a painting workshop. All these positive encounters will lift the mood and allow you to express any built-up emotions in a unique way. After the 11th May you may be faced with some unfinished business that will require your attention so make sure you deal with it in a timely manner so you can get back to living your best life this month. Journaling your positive encounters will be of benefit this month for you.


Number eights, this month requires you to get yourself organized and stop the procrastination. You will understand what I mean as you move through this month and feel that there is a need to work extra hours so everything can run smoothly, effectively for yourself and others. Mid to end of the month, the foundations that you have put your energy into will require further building and focus. It is important to keep your energy high with all that it will require of you. The energy here isn’t an A to B movement where B is the finish line, it is a back and forward motion to fine tune details which will benefit you in the long run. While the amount of work on your plate may make you feel restricted, keeping a tight calendar will be key for you this month. You will be tested like you are in a pressure cooker so take the time to push through, breathe and use crystals that will stabilize your energy and fill your supply.


Number nine, it’s time to shake off any stuck energy and embrace the freedom that is on offer to you that will blow your socks off! Have you felt like there may be something that is attached to you that you have not been able to shift? Well, this month it gets extracted from your entire being! Working on releasing this energy will occur around the 13th May and if you work with this energy correctly then it will aid in other areas of your life too. I would suggest a massive cleanse of your spaces, home, and work, get those smudge sticks out and clear, clear, clear! After this ritual is performed there will be an instant shift in energy that you will feel. New experiences thought processes and how you show up and present yourself will be felt by others too. It is like you will have an energetic makeover that will occur which is amazing. Enjoy this transitional month.

I wish you all an amazing month.

with sparkles,

Rachel Grace xo

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