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Updated: May 17, 2023

How to work with Crystals

I have been working with gemstones for over four decades now. I grew up around magnificent pieces that was from my father's collection and have been working with them on a metaphysical level for over three decades. There is so much magic to be uncovered when working with our crystalline kingdom, remember that each crystal emits energetic vibrations that impacts the way that we sense feel and move in our own spaces. Over the years I have had so many people purchase crystals and gemstones from me and one question they always ask is how do I use them?

To help you get the most out of your purchase of this magical energy, here are some amazing ways to use your crystals which I hope inspires you!

1. Pop your crystal inside your bra!

If you don't have a bra pop it in your pocket or in your purse, did you know that I've always carried a piece of citrine in my wallet for so many years. The more you carry your stones with you the more you'll feel the energy and begin to blend your energy field with theirs it is so important in the morning to run your hand over your crystal tray or over all your bracelets that you may have in your jewellery box to select the crystal for the day that you need to wear. Your intuition will guide you. Having them close to your skin is important they do work however by virtue of just being around in your space but being blended with your field you'll be able to reap the full benefits.

2. Make a medicine bag!

A medicine bag does not need to be complicated at all it can be a little pouch that you carry with you that holds stones, herbs or flowers, feathers and other talismans that mean something to you. Have you also perhaps thought of creating a medicine bag for someone you care about? To bring in love, abundance, or good health? With your medicine bag you can switch the crystals based on what your intention is for the day, your mood or even moon phases.

3. Meditate with your Crystals!

Choose two crystals that you wish to meditate with each day. Hold one in each hand, clear your mind, and connect with the higher source. If you commit to doing this for 10-20 minutes a day you will be amazed with what information you can uncover as well as become in a more relaxed and connected state of well-being.

4. Sleep with your Crystals!

Sodalite is known as the dream catcher stone, and while you have all heard me speak before about how dream catchers can be portal openers, this crystal is safe to bring sweet dreams and banish nightmares. Warning – so not sleep with clear quartz, amethyst, and other high frequency or third eye activating stones. These stones will keep you awake or enable you to travel interdimensionally. If you want to go to funky town in your dreamtime, then knock yourself out.

5. Make a Crystal grid!

Crystal grids are an intentional arrangement of crystals to raise the energy of a desired intention. You will need a crystal generator in the centre and then four of each type of crystal that you wish to work with. Set each stone facing each cardinal direction and link them with connector gridding points.

6. Create some infused Gemstone Water!

Love your crystals so much that you could drink them? Well, you can. Another way to work with your crystals is to make an elixir. Add your favourite crystal to your drinking water. Please note that some crystals dissolve in water or may be harmful so do your homework first.

7. Put Crystals in your car!

Black tourmaline is the highest protective mineral on the planet I have had a space in my car for decades now and never experienced any theft. Rose quartz and aventurine in placed in your car attracts luck and love from people that you encounter as you drive. You can use your ashtray if you still have a car with one as a travelling altar space to fill with crystals also.

8. Adorn Yourself!

Crystals should be worn every day I should be chosen intentionally with what energy you wish to call in for the day. Whether you wear them in a bracelet form, a ring, or perhaps you grab your favourite tumble stone and wire wrap it, gemstone jewellery that allows the stones to touch your skin can produce an amazing frequency.

9. Crystals can be used in Home Décor!

Our crystals are meant to be arranged and displayed. Whenever I do house clearings I always arrange or place crystals in particular areas of the house to call in that energy of what is required for the homeowner. When using crystals around your home please make sure you research the metaphysical properties before placing them in certain areas. Crystals can be used in Feng shui.

10. The perfect Sacred Offering is Crystals!

Crystals make the perfect sacred offering. You can carry tiny chip stones in your car and leave them as offerings when you travel to a place that you feel that something sad or tragic has happened, it's a way to boost the energy of the location. You can take crystals to the beach and leave them as an offering in the ocean. When you're cutting flowers from your garden you can also leave an offering there. When you are planting any plants place a piece of adventuring into the soil which will help it grow healthy and strong.

With Sparkles,

Rachel Grace

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