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Smudging is the act of clearing your space before ritual, ceremony, meditation or even clearing the energy of the day. It is recorded in the earliest times in history and I do believe that it was performed even before that, that our ancestors burnt herbs, resins and so many other materials to clear space. History also shows evidence of our ancestors passing items through smoke, even our own bodies. The origin of modern-day perfume can be traced back to incense; in fact, the Latin root of the word perfume, per fume, means “through smoke”. Egyptian and Roman ancestors “perfumed” the air with incense they burned. In pre-Christian times, Frankincense was the most valued type of incense – it was rare, expensive, and prized. No wonder it was one of the three gifts brought by the Wise Men to Christ’s manger; it was a gift fit for a king.

It is scientifically proven that California White Sage is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

When we use resins and herbs in our practice or smudge the negativity away our energies are shifted and vibrations raised. Today in many practices we still burn Frankincense, Sage, Myrrh and other resins and herb that are as old as time itself. I like to think that in doing so connects us energetically to the way our ancestors used them in ritual and magick. The smell fills the air, the space calling them closer to work with us, to be with us and there is a scent association with the work we do and a deep knowing ignited though our senses of knowing from a time before this lifetime.


Grab yourself a California White Sage Smudge Stick, light the end and blow out the fire and begin to move around your sacred space, your home and even around your own auric field clearing the negative energy away.

White sage is also burned to bring energy into a neutral position. Energy is neutral before it is manipulated into positive or negative. White sage is known to bring it all back into balance and the strongest most effective way to clear space and homes.

Using White Sage incense or doop cones will not be as effective in clearing energy, they are great as an in-between or top up if you don’t have the time to clear but it is so important to Smudge your space at every Full Moon, weekly or even daily.

Here at Grace HQ, we smudge around 3-5 times a day due to the many interactions we have with others and to maintain the energy of the Crystals as well as Team RG.


You will need a heatproof surface or bowl; these can be found in the shop. Light a charcoal disc so it is red hot and sprinkle herbs and resins of your choice on the disc and begin to allow the smoke to fill the room or your entire house. Remember you can also direct the smoke around yourself.

It is noted that Children and asthmatics may be sensitive to smoke so use Sage Sprays as an alternative or in your work environment otherwise you may just set off all the smoke alarms and sprinklers.

1. White Sage or Salvia Apiana

White sage is used to clear negative energies from a place, space, or person.

2. Lavender

Lavender brings peace and restful sleep.

3. Frankincense Resin

Frankincense reduces stress, eases tension, and connects you with Source energy.

4. Palo Santo

Palo Santo is deeply healing to the physical body and is known as Holy Wood. Can be used to clear a home of energies associated with illness and bring blessings into your space.

5. Mugwort or artemisia vulgaris

Mugwort brings clarity and develops/deepens psychic abilities.

6. Cedar Cedar banishes fear and enhances courage in difficult times.

7. Myrrh resin Myrrh resin is physically healing and grounding.

Go Smudge Yourself,

Rachel Grace

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