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Continuing from the last blog on the Introduction into Spiritual Energy I thought I would share with you some practical practices for energy management that you are able to do to clear, stabilise and protect your own energetic field and spaces.

We spend most of our time, in this lifetime, at work and most of us are in very toxic workplaces or surrounded by a working team that is all about personal and financial gain. There is always that one person at work that doesn’t feel right to you and it can be expressed through the way they move, speak and act, but don’t fear there are ways to combat this so you too can reach the achieved balanced state. It is important to cleanse yourself after work. If you don’t shower at night then start. You can do something as simple as standing in the shower and imagining the stresses from the day being washed down the drain. Imagine in a physical sense this darkness leaving your physical allowing mother earth to take it away and be grateful for Gaia for this that she does so willingly. Spend some time outside under the sunlight with bare feet on the earth and send the energy down. Another tip that is very important is to always carry some black tourmaline with you. This is useful crystal that will protect you from negativity, low vibrational energies and theft. Many people place a crystal in their pockets, bras or buy jewellery to wear. With the use of crystals just make sure you cleanse them regularly in a bowl of water with Himalayan rock salt and charge them up under each full moon.

A useful exercise is to imagine with every word that you speak a white colour is projected out of you for positive, and a black colour for negative. With every word you are filling the room with white or black. What colour would your room be? Enjoy the rooms filled with white positive energy. Allow it to fill you up and continue on with your day but also be mindful this happiness that has been gifted to you from another. Know that this energy wasn’t yours to begin with and isn’t yours to hold, it belongs to the owner. Take a minute to close your eyes, thank those that share their positive experience and the beautiful effects it had on you but return it to them so they are filled back up with their own energy.

The negative energy is the one that needs the most work. Again, you can practice the meditative exercise of sending the energy back who sent it to you. In my practice, every night before I sleep, I package it up in my thoughts and put an express label on it with Return to Sender. I always send the energy back to them in the exact form that they projected it on to me. You will find by doing this every night that you will rest more peacefully.

The most effective way to clear energy in your spaces is with California White Sage. This potent herb has been used for centuries by Native Americans in rituals of cleansing and healing. It is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It’s time to get Smudging!

Grab yourself a sage stick from your local metaphysical store and light the end of it. Blow the flame out and begin to smoke out each room. There are different ways in which you can perform a clearing. One way is to smoke out each room with all windows closed, walk outside and wait ten minutes then enter and open all the windows and doors to allow the smoke to be released along with the negative energy. Don’t forget to also smudge yourself and pay close attention to your hands, underneath your feet and your back. Smudging your home and sacred spaces will bring the field back to neutral which is the goal.

Book yourself in for a healing with and energy healer. They will be able to assist in the removal of the negative energy, re-enforcement of your auric field and make you feel neutral again.

There are many other methods to clear energy to get back to the neutral point but to begin with try these trusted methods first and begin to become energy aware.

In protection and balance,

Rachel Grace

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