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Its heart breaking when we have a crystal that we have loved and cherished for so long and suddenly it breaks. I get asked so many times by students and our community,

Crystals break for various reasons. Sometimes they have completed their service to us, sometimes they have absorbed so much toxicity, sometime we haven’t listened that they need to be moved on and gifted to another, your frequency is stronger than the crystal or they are meant to be with us anymore.

Crystals don’t always break from be dropped or knocked over, they can break during a meditation or journey, ritual work and also in healings.

  • CRYSTAL HEALING – When a crystal breaks or shatters in a crystal healing session it has served it purpose and has absorbed all the energy it can while in use.

  • NEGATIVITY – Crystals work to bring alignment and balance to us all. They absorb negative energy, especially Smoky Quartz so if a crystal breaks it may be that it has absorbed all the energy it can.

  • LESSONS COMPLETE – We work with crystals and program them with specific intentions to guide us through so many difficult times in our lives. They are there to be used to help us learn our lessons and support us during the difficult times in our lives. When a crystal breaks the lesson is complete and it is time to release the crystal with thanks and move on.

  • FREQUENCY – Sometimes you are too strong for the crystal. I have had many students with an extremely strong energy field that they seem to break crystals by just being around them. If this is the case it may be advisable to choose crystals with a strong formation and check the Mohs hardness scale to find a crystal that can take to your strong energy field.

  • OVERWORKED – It is possible to have overworked your Crystal. Just like your own muscles can ache and even tear after a workout your crystals may feel they can’t hold the power too.


Sit in your sacred space with your crystal and give thanks for the service it provided to you.

  • Bury the crystal in your garden and prepare a little ritual to return it back to mother earth.

  • If there is a clean break in two pieces perhaps you are meant to share it with a friend.

  • Get crafting! Use broken pieces to adorn mirrors, jars or decorate a wand. They can also be used in crystal grids.

Just like we humans get bruised and hurt along life's path, crystals get dinged and scarred as time goes on. That doesn't mean they are useless, they have just endured hardships and come out stronger.

Whatever you decide to do with your broken crystals know that it can still bring the same joy it did when it was whole. My favourite thing to do is place them in the garden. Your planets and flowers will thrive on the energy they bring.

with Sparkles,

Rachel Grace

Do you want to know more about Crystals? Rachel Grace teaches Level 1-3 Crystal Healing Courses.

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