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How to Calculate your Personal Month number

To calculate your Personal Month number, you'll need to add your Personal Year number to the current month number (for March, that's 3 -- and not the Universal Month number we've just described!)

Then reduce this to a single digit and look it up below to read your numerology forecast for the month ahead.

Wondering how to find your Personal Year number? It's easy:

First, reduce your day and month of birth to a single digit. So, if you were born on 4th July, your calculation goes like this: 4+ 7 = 11, and 1 + 1 = 2.

Next, reduce the current year to a single digit. For 2023, this is 7, because 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7.

Lastly, add these two numbers together, and reduce to a single digit.

So, for the person born on 4th July, 2 + 7 = 9. They're in a Personal Year number 9.

Hey Magickal One!

In Numerology we are in the Universal month of a number 1 and this number is reflective of a new cycle for us all. We only get to be in the energy of a 1 universal month a few times a year so be mindful that this does not come around too often at all. Embrace and use this energy wisely.

As the calendar turns each month the energy shifts into a brand-new cycle, and we welcome the energy of the number one after the gentle closure of Februarys 9 Universal month energy. We have all moved passed what is holding us back and the time is now to begin anew. Although this is thought to have begun right on the 1st of March, my own connection and intuition tells me that the shift in this power will begin after the Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday 7th March 11.40pm Sydney time. The upcoming full moon will allow us to do that final clearing if any obstacles that have been lingering around.

With the energy of March ready to show us a new path, you will feel a push to begin new projects as opportunities present themselves to you. As always when we are presented with opportunities and there will be many this month, be mindful that you choose the ones that align with you. This month there will also be the sudden urge to get creative as your sacral chakra activates more under this energy. There will be a need to begin new romantic relationships and become creative in your own personal connections.

On the work front, use the energy if this month to your advantage and focus on the projects and plans that you wish to put into action without any fear. It will be a time for you to initiate the new ideas and plans that you were too afraid in the past to put forward and to act upon due to being shut down or the fear of failure. It is time to take that risk and to put yourself out there, to speak up and to be seen, to be valued.

On a personal note, you will feel the need for you to take some time to slow things down and to also look after Number one, YOU! It is beneficial this month to take the time on a weekly basis to check in with your own soul and to do what lights you up. Don’t forget that others will be doing the same so if you feel a step back from your friendship circles know that the space is needed for this shift to occur.

The collective energy of this monthly numerology will allow a powerful can-do attitude, so step out and believe that you can do anything and change the world!

What is your individual focus for March 2023? Read your own personal year number below.


Number one’s for you this is really the month to buckle down to put in the effort that will pay off for you in the cycle to come. It is the time to really get serious over the next 4 weeks and to get clear on doing the work in whatever area in your life, health, career, personally by taking a step-by-step approach to actions. It is a month for you to take your own personal wants and needs and your desires quite seriously. This will be a constructive month for you, and it is important not to procrastinate. The energy for you will be a bit of a wakeup call demanding you to see what is needed to be done to progress and you must. There is no more putting it on the back burner. Really take advantage of this month as there is a supportive energy to try something new and lock yourself into learning and developing you. This month is guided to be both the teacher and the student. There is deep healing available for you this month so don’t be too surprised if there is a situation that occurs with close family that would normally trigger you. The beauty of this is that it will show you how to step out of the usual reactions of others and yourself. You will be surprised at how this will affect you differently. Overall March will be one of organization and progress, it is up to you to get things done, don’t forget to ask for support especially around the 13th through to the 15th.


Number twos Adventure Awaits! You will feel an itch to travel around the 7th of March and for those that do not have an intense desire to physically travel then your dream activity may be a little wild with visiting places through your astral travels. You have the desire this month to bring some much-needed adventure and fun into your life with focus on new opportunities for advancement of an important project on the 16th through to the 18th of March. If you are single there will be an added layer of being seen and the energy of March invites you to explore different options regarding love and relationships. This may just be the month where “THE ONE” shows up for you.

Number twos you will lock into the energy of this month and if you are open to a new way of doing things it will be a time for all to transpire, this may not be in the conventional way that you originally had planned. It is a great month to fine tune your own intuition, take it all in and allow your soul to lead the way.


Number threes, rest and recharge is your focus for March and creating the opportunity to do so. With responsibilities on the home front there will be a need to step back and assess where your happiness lies. You will feel a deep yearning to get real in what drives you, what enriches your own life and question if there is an equal exchange in relationships. You will feel that there will be that assessment of authentic relationships going forward into this next cycle for you and begin to cull what is not needed. There will be the need for extra emotional support as you notice unproductive behaviors as the responsibility of clean relationship with others is needed for your own soul’s truth. Are you giving too much of yourself? Between the dates if 9th to the 15th of March, there will be an opportune time for you to have fun with younger members if your inner circles, family, friends but to also allow the inner child in you to shine. This will bring the reflection of childlike wonder that you need to bring into your adult existence more on a daily basis, and for some there will be the chance for you to do some much needed healing of childhood traumas. Overall March for Number threes will be a time to bring it all inwards and to focus on their place in the world which will pay off in the long run for greater emotional connections and support.


Number fours it is time to knuckle down and soak up all the knowledge available to you. They say when you seek a mentor, a teacher then they will appear and this month one will arrive just in time. You have been reflecting and working on you as a person and the time has some to take it a little further by allowing the wisdom of another to learn from. While the opportunity for a teacher to appear for you to learn from will be available to you there will be planning and shifting if finances, schedules to make this happen. This is where you need to put in the work this month to make it happen. Organizing, filling in the gaps and asking for assistance to make this journey possible will be require for you to perhaps ask from another. This month is a preparation for an eventual outcome, a new way of life to step into. Things will ramp up for you in these areas between the 8th to 22nd of March so get planning and be open to receive the learning to come.


Number fives it is time to get serious about business matters, career, and finance. Last month there was a lower energy around you but this month there is no hiding from the ramp up you will feel. The power naps in February were needed for what is about to be uncovered for you in March. This month you can expect the unexpected and even though there may be an element of uncertainty this month will pressure you to plan a definite goal to work towards. A little tweak in the plan won’t cut it this month, there will be a need for you to set aside time to really dive into the workings of this goal and make it happen. It is a month for you to setup into a more confident you and empower yourself with matters if finance. You will have money on the mind this month more than ever and the opportunities for growth in existing projects will be around the 6th to 20th March. Overall, this month will be one to allow the remaining of the year to be expansive for you if there is the focus if taking care of business now.


Number sixes it is time to surrender to the shift that your soul deserves and only control what can be controlled in your life. It is time to accept that some things are just the way that they are, and you cannot fix or change others. There has a been a tendency to micro-manage your relationships, others’ lives, and reactions to situations in the past and this month is calling you to take a step back, to throw your hands in the air and surrender. When we practice the art if surrendering there is a shift that occurs for our own soul. There is a change within you for the better and you will also feel lighter and more at ease. The universe this month for you is showing you that there is no need for you to take on others baggage and showing you that you are not the one to hold it all. Around the 19th to the 28th of March take some much-needed time for your own family and plan something positive. When we shift others around us will too. There will be a feeling not if defeat but if bliss when you allow yourself to take a step back from the issues of others around you and focus on the closure that is needed for yourself.


Number seven, are you ready to jump into action? Over the past few months for you there has been the planning if NOW! Yes, that’s right, now is the time to jump start what you have been working on. You have planted the seed to define who you are and what is needed for you to become so allow yourself to take the path that is required for you. This month is the perfect time to also spend meditation, get into nature, work with the element of air, and receive the ideas that will flow so effortlessly for you. When these ideas come in make sure you do not dismiss them, write them all down this month as they are little gifts from the universe if what is to come for you. From 9th March you will begin to put all into practice and that jump start will begin for you. Be open to attracting those along the way to assist in you plans and ambitions for this new cycle. March is also a fantastic time for you to begin or go deeper into spiritual development.


Number eights, while there may be delays in your plans which bring heightened emotions, know that the universe is sending you much needed signs to keep you on track. Patience is the theme for this month for you and this month is the beginning of a cycle if transformation for you. Be it around your career, relationships, health, family, or finances while there is a lot on your plate there will be light at the end of this cycle. You have the power this month to gain more control of your situation than you realize. When we begin to communicate with our guides, the universe has no choice but to respond and this connection is vital for you this month. It can feel like a mixed bag of energies this month that can overwhelm you and I know that you will feel like you need another human to help make the decisions and take a load off you, but I think this partnering is coming from the incorrect source. It is so important this month for you to create that necessary connection with your guides and the universe as they know the grand plan for you where another human may have their own agenda on their mind. You will gain clearer and greater direction and insight from the energy that does not reside on this earth plane. Ask for the signs needed along the way this month; you will receive them.


Number nine, there is loads if beautiful healing energy on the way for you this month and will come in forms that you least expect. You may find that any issues that you thought that you dealt with before may return for the opportunity to see and act with different eyes. This is a chance this month to do things differently and though this there will eb the opportunity for so much healing for you. You will step more into your own personal truth, speak your mind, and express from the heart center. You may this month feel a wave if grief from a loved one that has passed over which may feel uncomfortable but again you will deal with this in a new way for you. With all this healing energy around and releases occurring for you it will allow a newfound energy of light and laughter to enter your being. During the week of 20th March, you will take a short break from the world and be open to new experiences to bring in a little more fun into your life. Remember this month while at times it may feel heavy with all the healing happening, you are shedding the old and allowing the lighter side if you to come forward in the cycle to come.

I wish you all an amazing month.

with sparkles,

Rachel Grace xo

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