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If I could turn back time…

Mercury is the planet of communication, and it turns retrograde for three to four weeks, three to four times a year. Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system but has a massive impact to us all. Why? It is the planet that stays closest to Earth the longest. Astrologically speaking, Mercury represents the principles of communication, mentality, thinking patterns, rationality and reasoning, and adaptability and variability and has a major affect to majority of star signs. When we speak of a planet going retrograde it means that the planet changes course, changes direction. It doesn’t just stop, and BOOM moves past quickly in the opposite direction, it takes time to change course, and this can take a few weeks in the pre and post stages. When this occurs, we begin to feel a subtle change and then more intense power of the planet when it actually is in the retrograde. Although all planets do go retrograde Mercury is the planet most talked about. You have seen the memes, right? “I didn’t mean what I said Mercury was in retrograde”.

When planets move retrograde, they also move back into the signs they just passed. The astrological signs they pass through again set the tone of focus for the retrograde and the affects that it can have on you too. Any retrograde is a time of re-evaluating, re-working, and re-defining you, the situations you are in and has the opportunity to do it all again if any changes are needed.

Mercury is a planet of day-to-day activities and can bring massive shifts to our paths, but this is where some feel Mercury retrograde can be a negative thing but really it is a change to do it all again and perhaps that second chance to revisit situations is what you actually require.

Being the planet that rules all communication – written, verbal and non-verbal it reflects and opens up relationships, business partnerships, projects that require creativity and romances. The success of all these is dependent on communication and Mercury retrograde is the cosmic step back to make sure all is right.

During a Mercury retrograde the following may occur.

· Spark of communication of old relationships that you thought had ended

· Visits or encounters from those that you thought had moved on

· Emails and all technological communication can get lost or mixed up

· Travel plans can change

· Allow extra time for delays

· You may find yourself feeling like you are not moving forward

· Creativity can be halted

· Communication skills may not be as strong

· Headaches or head pressure

· Old beliefs and thought processes will return

· Feeling stuck and not being able to move forward as planned

· People from your past may also show up in your dreams


· Self-care at this time is so important

· Stay calm

· Cleansing your homes and your auric field, take a bath in Himalayan rock salts

· Use your crystals

· Practice compassion with yourself and everyone else

· Stay calm if you are waiting on an important email or communication

· Double check your message has really been sent

· Back up your phones and computer

· If you don’t hear from your new romance, the text may not have gone through

· Do not make any major life changing decisions during this time

· Do no sign contracts and delay them if possible

· Work on your sacral chakra the battery of your creative energy

· Go within and journal what is required to visit while we are in retrograde

· Re-visit The Mystical Apprentice course, the Hermetic Principles, your thoughts create your reality


· Fluorite – clarity of mind

· Aquamarine – clear communication

· Hematite – grounding and reflection of negative energies

· Agate – support and nurturing

· Fire Agate – work on the sacral chakra

Mercury Retrograde is a gift to us all. It can yes set us back a little, but it is an amazing time to be able to revisit and get a second chance on anything that need to be reassessed from the past 6 weeks. Take this in your stride, check what has happened in the past as it begins to spin backwards and nut out what you would do differently.

It’s a time to try again,

Rachel Grace

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