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We have all heard the term Energy healing, Spiritual Energy or Energy work but what exactly is it? This is a question that many of my students and clients over the years have asked but understood by few. When we think of energy, we think of it in a more practical sense of what is seen, like the flick of a switch and a light goes on. This is, in a physical sense, energy seen with the human eyes but there is also energy seen with our spirit eyes and this is the energy that I am fascinated with.

Although Energy can be defined as, in physics, the capacity for doing work which may exist in potential, kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical, nuclear, or other various forms, there is a many different kinds of energy in the universe, and that energy has the ability to do different things. Spiritual Energy or Energy work on the other hand, is the ability to manipulate and shape the energetic forms that is not seen with the human eye but mostly felt. Your own Spiritual energy emanates from your body that gives us a radiant glow or aura. Your mind, soul and physical, holds an energy and is received by others through the way you think, feel inside with your soul’s truth or intention, and physical via your actions, the way you present or hold yourself, and speak. This is your entire energetic self and it has an extreme effect on not only you but others around you also.

What is a spiritual energy shift?

The negative and positive energy is commonly felt by us all but the goal is to shift the energy back into the neutral position. Many believe that the goal here is to be positive all the time and to be in a place of love and light is the ultimate goal but this isn’t reality. We are humans living a 3-dimensional existence and we will encounter negativity wherever we go as not everyone’s intentions are pure and situations can shift us out of balance. We need to understand that we are both, carriers of both light and shadow and we can either place more into one side of the scales where shadow lies, the other side were light resides or become in total recognition of both within us all and be in balance in all areas of our lives.

I am not saying this is easy to achieve but once we recognise it and are able to see it in perhaps a physical sense then we can then begin to respond accordingly.

Have you ever walked into a room and it just felt strange? This is energy that may have been left behind from another’s conversation or presence alone. There may also be left over energy from many years ago and perhaps from people that have passed. Mediums, Psychics and Intuitives have the ability to pick up on this energy by manipulating their own frequency to connect and receive information, pretty cool right!

So how does energy work? Imagine you are standing next to someone and they are beaming with joy, telling you about something exciting that has happened in their life. What happens, you begin to smile and have feelings of happiness. They laugh, you laugh, its contagious and this positive energy is carried with you as you go along your day thinking of your conversation.

Now imagine the same situation with someone negative, every word they speak you immediately feel drained you see yourself during this conversation spiralling down, down into negative Nancy land. Don’t feel so great now do we? We take this energy with us throughout our day we reflect on it and we end up feeling terrible even though we began our day happy and cheerful. Welcome to Empath land!

If we could see in a physical form, with our human eyes, energy and the effects that negative energy it can have on our health, day to day lives then I think there would be more emphasis placed on the removal of it and the conscious effort to be mindful of our thoughts, words and actions. I have seen many times negative energy forms lingering around people in social interactions, house clearings and healings. This type of energy has the ability to manifest like a disease, multiply and create its own intelligence. This is the energy you don’t want and need to remove pronto.

In light and shadow,

Rachel Grace

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