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There is a true innocent magic that resides in young children that always amazes me. They have less cares and concerns for anything. Adults, have to experience and know that their world is safe and secure due to the parents they chose to bring them into this world, yes, they chose you! Children come to this earth fresh from the spirit world and that is why many have experiences that leaves parents scratching their heads knowing that there is more happening which cannot be ignored or explained.

Our little ones are still connected in a sense to the other side, before life here gets in the way, and the demands of this world lay its hands upon them. I have had the pleasure of working with many children over the years and the wonder and awe that they naturally have for the crystalline kingdom is just so beautiful to witness. They set their eyes upon a tumble stone, a cluster or a generator, and need to touch it and even argue with their parents to take it home as they feel the need to have it around them all the time. I have heard many parents say, “gees they are just rocks”, but these little intuitive children know that they are more than just rocks. Children know that crystals have an energy within to help them assist in their growth, and plan for this lifetime here on earth so pay attention.

As a parent, you may have forgotten the what the imagination of being a child is like. There is curiosity, play and the feeling of wanting to be wild and free. We have brought children into what is a complex time in our world. Both parents working full-time is a need or single parents trying their best to make ends meet on top of the energy of a changing age. As an adult you still have that magic in you, it has just been supressed over time that can also be ignited again through journeying with the crystalline kingdom.

Children are extremely intuitive and come here very aware of their surrounding and what feels like home to them. I feel we have a duty of care to our children to foster their own intuition and wisdom and this can be done through the use of crystals.

Crystals help return the wisdom that children, and also, we forgot as we travelled through the birth canal and when held, or surrounded by them, something awakens inside us all. When children work with crystals the wisdom is returned back to them and awakens their magic within while serving a means of communication to what was dormant.

We can assist with the use of crystals to enhance their abilities, keep them safe in this world, and help them with their anxieties and diagnosis, allowing them to return to back what is a sense of normality to them.

Working with crystals for over four decades now, having two children of my own, and working with many others in a spiritual sense I have had a chance to see exactly the power it has for their journey here on earth. At every age bracket they are learning and at every age bracket a chakra, beginning at the base, is becoming fully activated. When supporting the activation with crystals can help clear, align, and maintain the flow of the chakra system, in these beautiful little people.


When they can understand not to put things in their mouths. Take them to a Crystal Store and observe what they are drawn to. Learn to trust in them just as your intuition never serves you wrong, so let them choose, however, be mindful of ones that can open their psychic and connection abilities too quick and too soon.

Why I say this is because many children come into this life too connected with the other world. Their crown is chakra too opened that they are having many connected dreams, and are seeing too much. This can also be a distraction for them as they need to settle in here and place their energy on growing.


Please do not have quartz of any kind in your children’s room. This means Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Tourmalinated Quartz, or high vibrational crystals like Apophyllite, Herkimer Diamond’s, Azurite and so on. The reason this is not recommended for your intuitive children is that it can amplify their connection to spirit, and causes their dreamtime being disrupted.


Chakra stones – they can be placed for only 5-10 minutes on them not like adults where we can have them on for 20 minutes or more.

Larvikite – protective and grounding stone

Obsidian – aura clearing

Sodalite – protects from bad dreams

Tigers Eye – balancing and energising the emotional body

Moonstone – begin their connection to moon cycles

Blue Lace Agate – anxiety and soothes an overactive mind

Lepidolite – overcoming any kind of emotional or mental dependency

Selenite – bringing light into their world

Carnelian – support of the base chakra for 0-5 years

Hematite – reflect any harm

Petrified Wood – grounding stone if affected by energies

Fluorite – concentration and retaining information

Fuchsite – healing

Kyanite – assists in keeping the chakra system aligned

Allow your amazing little souls to experience the frequency that mother earth has gifted us all and see the changes within for a more peaceful and connected behaviour in a changing world.

Crystal Blessings Sweet Ones,

Rachel Grace

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