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What the CHAKRA?

Many haven’t heard the term or even know what they are but I am here to guide you through the very important energy centres that you all have in your body that need alignment, clearing and healing on a regular basis.

In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means “disc” or “wheel” and refers to the energy centres in your body. These wheels or discs of spinning energy each correspond to certain nerve bundles and also major organs.

To function at their best, your chakras need to stay open, or balanced. If they get blocked, you may experience physical or emotional symptoms related to a particular chakra.

There are seven main chakras that run along your spine. They start at the base, of your spine and extend right up to the crown on the top of your head. There are actually many other chakras in the body but most refer to the seven main ones that have a massive impact to your health and well-being if not balanced and aligned.

Balancing your chakras is a wonderful way to reach optimal well-being of the mind, body and spirit. We all come to this earth with our chakras aligned and as we move through this world, we become blocked as we encounter different energies, situations and also environmental impacts. Being out of balance can affect your health as these energy centres are like batteries that operate every working function of our physical systems.

When your chakras are aligned you are in flow, your mind is clear and you feel light, elevated, happy and free.

When you begin to practice the alignment of your Chakras it is important to assess if there are any blockages of energy or pain in the area of the Chakra. If this is the case you may enlist in the help of a healer to remove the blockages for you energetically. They may also be able to determine if that energy blockage is emotional, mental or physical and most of the time comes from trauma points in your life that has never been dealt with.

If you are not wanting to see an energy healer you can assess yourself in quite a simple way. Grab yourself a pendulum and program it so it spins for you. You can do this by centering your energy and ask it “show me a yes, show me a no”, the pendulum will either go around in circles or back and forth depending on how the pendulum works for you. Once the pendulum is programmed then you can draw a stick figure of yourself with the chakra points and place it in front of you. This acts as a proxy. Begin at the crown chakra asking the pendulum if your crown is blocked, yes or no, is my third eye blocked, yes or no and so on down to the base. Take note of the chakras that are blocked. Go back over your proxy and double check. After this is complete then with your hands see if you can feel energy blocked in this area. For instance, if you are having digestive issues then your solar plexus may be blocked and with your hands you may feel a cold or hot sensation in that area. Once the assessment process is complete then we move onto the fun part of re-alignment.

Lay yourself down in a comfortable position, call in your healer guide to be with you as you align your Chakras. For a total alignment place each chakra stone beginning at the crown down to the base on you, play some meditation music and relax. For removal of blockages then only place the specific corresponding crystal to that chakra on your body. Lay for 20 minutes. During this time, you may feel sensations which means that the chakra is becoming activated again and the wheels are turning as they should.

After the 20 min, go back to your proxy with your pendulum and re-check.

Drink plenty of water and notice the overall difference.

Being in the public for many years and interacting with so many people on a daily basis I assess and align my chakras weekly and recommend that you do too.


Crown – Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Apophyllite

Third Eye – Amethyst, Labradorite, Azurite

Throat – Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Apatite

Heart – Rose Quartz, Aventurine

Solar Plexus – Citrine, Yellow Calcite, Honey Calcite

Sacral – Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Fire Agate

Base – Petrified Wood, Black Tourmaline, Garnet

Get balanced,

Rachel Grace

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