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Updated: May 1, 2023


Head to your Personal Year Number for your personal Numerology monthly forecast for April 2023.

Wondering how to find your Personal Year number? It's easy:

First, reduce your day and month of birth to a single digit. So, if you were born on 4th July, your calculation goes like this: 4+ 7 = 11, and 1 + 1 = 2.

Next, reduce the current year to a single digit. For 2023, this is 7, because 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7.

Lastly, add these two numbers together, and reduce to a single digit.

So, for the person born on 4th July, 2 + 7 = 9. They're in a Personal Year number 9.

Hey Magickal One!

Wow what a month March was with so much happening in the cosmos and the same was for the Numerology of the month. There is always an alignment between my own intuition, the Numerology predictions and Astrology. I am so thankful that the wisdom comes through via my own connection and also the powerful teachers here on this earth plane in my life. I feel very blessed. I have been speaking all of last month about the shift forward that we will experience with Pluto moving into Aquarius where it will remain for a 20 year period but it also fascinates me that it has happened in a powerful year 7 in Numerology. As I wrote at the beginning of this year, there will be an extreme focus on the should, our paths and also what is equally important is how we will relate to others as we move along our own personal journeys here. It all is in unison. With April being the first astrological sign of the zodiac and the new year we have so much to look forward to even with the numbers. April is a master number month and a powerful one with the energy that we can all lock into. Here begins the start of some incredible lessons that will being inspiration, a dive deeper into our own faith and a promise of support. It is important with all this learning available to us all that we do not become too detached in the process and retreat too much as April being the started of the fire element, we can embrace the creativity that comes with this and move it externally. When we do this, it will be of greater benefit for us all.

With this learning available to us it will not surprise me that we may be in stations that require more understanding of another as our personal morals will be tested. Your own values of what is right and wrong will come to the forefront in your life too. You may feel that there is extra responsibility that can seem as hard work at the time but be mindful to take small bites off your to do lists and not whole chunks to conserve your energy during this month.

Any legal situations, documents that need to be sign will be in favour of what is right and just. While there has been nervousness around this area since November 2022 I feel that all will be tied up as it should this month which will allow you to breathe easy again.

The collective energy of this monthly numerology will provide support from the universe that you have not seen for a while so make sure that you are having those necessary conversations with those around you, your spiritual guides, angels and loved ones and know that they will answer your call.

What is your individual forecast for April 2023? Read your own personal year number below.


Number one’s for you this is really the month to focus on what is important and what you wish to bring into your life. There will be changes especially on the working front which may create some blocks moving forward but with every challenge there are lessons to be learnt. While the energy of the month is moving forward and one to be celebrated I need to spotlight the need for you to not to lose hope and sight of the bigger picture of your plans and dreams for the future. It may just take a little longer than the timeline that you originally envisioned for yourself. You will be run off your feet, busy with lots of downloaded information coming forward for you. Note that you do not need to act on all that is coming your way but to take the time to assess what is right for you. It is a month of luck for you if you remain positive and keep your eye on the prize. Stay focused!


Number twos, love is here and ready to wrap its arms around you this month. You will feel more this month and bath yourself in a newfound life and light. The opportunity for new relationships with passion are on the horizon for you this month and if you are already in a relationship then things may spice up for you. You will want to make house with a partner if you are not fully committed and to also spend most of your time to nurture the relationships that you already have. For those that are single and not wanting a partner this love will turn inwards with so much self-care for you. You may find the urge to book in for spa treatments, foot massages and the like to show yourself the love you deserve and also perhaps go on a little spending spree. There is the need for future commitments and stability in your home life and if there is instability you may find yourself in all relationships knowing that there is a need to move on from these as it just does not align with your own personal morals and values anymore. This month you will glow externally with all that is felt inside, and it will show. Those that may not feel seen by others in your life will be seen more than ever. Use this energy to your advantage this month and show the world how you can shine!


Number threes, when was the last time you took a time out? I know that we use that language for children that may need to just stop or are being naughty but how about you? When we give ourselves time to reflect and shut out the world then we create space for some reflection and assessment of what is needed for us to move forward. April is the most important month for you this year to do just that. STOP, put yourself in a time out before you burn out. There is nothing wrong with saying no to previous commitments, lunch dates and give you the time you need. This need for withdrawal from the world will be a welcome change for you as this year has proven already to be high on booked appointments and social gatherings but the retreat is needed for you now so take it. You will enter May refreshed and ready for the gains that will come. Use this time wisely!


Number fours, the first quarter of the month has flown by, and you will now feel that push to focus on where you are heading this year. You are seeing those in your own micro worlds moving what seems effortlessly along their path already and you may feel a little behind the eight ball here. This is not the case, it is just they were in the right energy and the month to create the necessary shift forward and not it is your turn. You have such a great opportunity this month to step forward and tackle all that has bene weighing on your mind for the past three months. All that you have kept shifting lower and lower on the to-do-lists will come to the top of the list and you will begin checking then off one by one this month. You will need to really look at all processes and what it takes to put these plans into action so do not forget to really cross your t’s and dot your I’s in this process. In doing so you will benefit greatly and if this relates for you on the career or investment front then be ready to reap the rewards.


Number fives it is time for your super shift. You may have felt that issues in your life just seem to be hanging around, that you cannot seem to catch a break or that you cannot seem to shift the energy. Well, this is the month that you will experience some major shifts. If you are wanting to move this is the month to move, if you want the new job this is the month to begin looking for the change, if you want out of the relationship then it may be time to pack your bags, if you want clarity of any kind then this month the wisdom is on offer to you to receive. Now it may not be as major as this but it will be a pretty big shift for you personally. The letting go and change may be quite emotional for you and you may in a moment think to yourself, what the hell am I doing? But I must tell you that all can change in your life and sometimes when we hold on or restrict the flow the universe will often create openings for change for use to just walk through the door if it is required for our own personal life paths. While situations around you may end it is important that you let go of any imbedded trauma responses so you can move freely and with a fresh mind going forward. Embrace the much-needed shift in your life this month. Breathe!


Number sixes it is time ramp things up in your life this month and April will show you exactly how. The energy of this month for you will be like planting a seed in whatever garden you wish to bloom. Is it your career, family, travel, home, or relationships? The choice is yours or perhaps you want it all. Well, you can and it is up to you this month to pour all that energy into upcoming projects that will create that fresh beginning that you are needing. You will not get this opportunity again until December 2023. Take all you can in now to launch you into the direction of your choosing. The seed has been planted this month and all that is required form you is the choice the decision. All begins with the mind, that thought and then the energy begins to ramp up which can seem to then take a life of its own with the pieces of the puzzle moving together. When this is created with little to no effort than you know that the decision is in alignment with your souls truth, when things seem to go wrong or there is a push then it will show you that indeed that was the incorrect decision. You will know!


Number seven, are you ready to see progress of all that you have placed your energy into? The time has come. Over the past few months, you have been deep in thought, the planning mode and even begun your creative project idea or business venture waiting for a little sign that all is working. You will see so much of this in April which is so exciting for you. Whenever we place our hearts into projects fully we know that there will be a profound shift but sometimes it takes a little longer than expected as this movement is on another time line. You will see signs of this over the coming weeks which will bring new connections on the business front and create new relationships and a sense of peace financially also. Be open to a complete shift into a different direction too which will be presented to you by someone in your world that you can trust. This may seem like a left field idea that will actually work and in a way you will wish you thought of it initially or they told you sooner. All in good time and the time is now. Enjoy this month and celebrate how far you have come.


Number eights, are you ready to go on an adventure? The month of April will bring so much learning, fun and expression into your life that I am so excited for you. While writing this I am thinking where are all my number eight friends and can you take me along for the ride. With all the excitement that this month will offer you the key focus will be around learning along the way while you make some amazing new connections to feed your soul. Now this may not be actual physical adventures they may be the ones of the cosmic kind. Yes that’s right your meditations and journeys will take you to places that will unlock so much wisdom for you. You will step into new circles to share what you have learnt and experiences and create so many beautiful friendships along the way. Be open this month to saying YES to any opportunities for growth, travel, social events, or even classes that you thought that you would have never attending. This month is one of play and its time to play hard!


Number nine, the key word, and energy for this month for you is nurture. In order for there to be growth and ling term goals you will need to look after number one which is you. It will be a month of organizing your homes, your workspaces and places, your paperwork, your life! I know that may feel overwhelming just reading that but I have to share with you that the energy of this month will support you in getting these things done. You have since the beginning of this year organized others lives, focused on others needs and it is time for you to sort you out. It may seem that you are hit with some soul work and shadow work this month which is needed for you to become a stronger soul moving out of this phase but remember that it is only a phase and the more we so the work on us then the more we flourish. Discipline this month will come to you so use this energy and enjoy the growth.

I wish you all an amazing month.

with sparkles,

Rachel Grace xo

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