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Are Angels trying to communicate with you?

I have been thinking about the magical ways that the spirit world and celestial beings communicate with us all and know that many of you experience the power that the angels, guardians and archangels place on us when we enter into meditation or surround us with so much love at our times in need. These beautiful beings of pure light always fascinate me and I have been lucky enough during my time as a medium to have some encounters with them over the years which I am so grateful for. Their energy and presence is of the brightest purity that awakens my heart and embraces me by surprise at the deepest moments in my life. When they are around there is a warm energy that feels like a hug and sometimes, I have experienced chills and an increase of vibrational frequency that is hard to describe in words. You know when you feel it as it is different that any other connection felt.

It is so important to share with you that when we experience such difficult times in our lives and if anything, the past couple of years has been quite this to many I need to tell you that your Angels and Guardians are with you, looking down and holding you in your moments of despair, grief and when you feel lost. They are standing there waiting to catch you when you fall and I have even seen friends of mine that have been in the depths of tears, looked up and seen and Angels wings surround us both as I hold my girlfriend tight. You are never alone.

Knowing that they are there, and although there are many of you that may have not experienced them in full sight, heard them or felt their energy they are trying more than ever to get your attention.

Have you been in a situation when you are going about your day to day and all of a sudden you begin to see the same thing over and over again? This could be hearing the same song, numbers, clock time, seeing the same letter or name, number plates, type of car, flower or more? I have over my life many times and when this happens it’s time to take note!

These could be signs that your Angels or Guardians are trying to communicate with you, they are showing you in a way that you can understand that they are near and most of the time have advice through what we seem to pass off as a synchronicity. Over the years there has been more of a recognition of repetitive numbers. Who has seen 11:11, screenshot it and posted you finds to Instagram and Facebook? Of course, you have, but do you truly understand what it means. The way that our guardians communicate with us all has changed over the years to numbers. In the world we live in we are run by the clock and I think that those guiding us have caught on this. This is why we are seeing numbers or the same time on the clock than never before especially as we are living in the age of digital communication.

When we see these repetitive signs from above its important to listen to what our Angels are trying to tell us. Google University has so many interpretations of Angel Numbers but I always refer to the Western Method of Numerology for the true meaning of these numbered signs. I have always seen numbers growing up and had a fascination in them that I studied numerology at a very young age and now teach Numerology courses and developed and published my own cards. Angel Numbers are a little different than Numerology in the sense that they are a code of information telling you what they see is happening in your life and you can actually talk back in code too.

When we do see Angel Numbers stop and really think about what is on your mind for the day, what is occurring in your life, what lies heavy on your heart or questions you need answered at that specific moment as there is a message for you. You can look up these numbers and have an understanding on what the message is or enrol in my Angel Numbers Course to learn how to talk back to your Angels. It is fascinating and exciting to hear the experiences many students have had doing this.

These little reminders from our Angels are so necessary in such a world that is all doing based, we are go go go and seeing them is what is forcing people to stop in their tracks and take notice. If you have been seeing them its time to look deeper into the why and arm yourself with the education so you can learn to connect deeper and communicate back with those that look upon us always with deep love and comfort.

What are your Angels trying to tell you?

Rachel Grace

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