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As the clock strikes midnight and the wheel of time turns to enter the New Year of 2023, we all take a sigh of relief that 2022 is no longer. 2022 was thought to be one of amplification of the number 2 with unity, building of relationships and filled with nurturing energy. I am not sure that has occurred entirely and many of us have found that 2022 had brought us all an intense strain on how we live and to step into the energy of a new normal after the pandemic that does not seem to be shifting.

Did we all miss the sign? Did we all miss the message of what was needed to be done in 2022? Well, you have a few more days to reflect on the clean relationships as this was the focus this year.

Being in Clean relationships is where there are no expectations of another, that there is a flow of equal energy exchange from one to the other, no game playing and contact that is regular and effortless. There is purity in intentions, there is I’ll be there for you and you for me whenever, wherever is required for us both.

It is when your own day to day worries, troubles, concerns, situations, or even the deepest of wounds, do not come before the other, that you are happy to place it aside to help the other you are in relationship with. The other comes first, not you. There is no win, lose, there is only and always, win-win and lose-lose together. It is holding hands and each other together along a journey of connection, walking beside one another, not one in front of each other and the other lagging behind. It is checking in when you feel the other isn’t ok, but also the recipient of support when it is needed for you.

It is equal, it is energetic, it is respectful, it is free.

Sometimes we are forced to let go of relationships that don’t serve us anymore and there is no equal exchange and for many that final clean-up had occurred this year. Sometimes we may have tried for years with that person and begin to wear down internally as the one way giving is too much. We hold on hoping of a change, a realization of mutual respect of energy and honesty from the other that will never come.

Over the next few days as you cross the threshold into the energy of the New Year, begin to reflect on these relationships that do not serve a purpose in your life anymore. Be reminded of why you are here, why those people came into your life, what their place was all along. For me, I was shown that their frequency never aligned with mine and for me to move forward into the next cycle of being, the dead branches that do not feed growth need to be trimmed.

Once that refection has completed it is important to understand the energy of 2023 that we are all stepping into. The 2023 year is all about delving inward. While you may see yourself functioning fairly normally, this is a time where you’ll be heavily involved in deep inner work, after all it is an intense spiritual year. You will have many opportunities to test your sense of spirituality, however you define it.

2023 is the year of reflection of your soul’s truth and path. If you are not living your truth, then it is a time where you cannot hide form it anymore. If you move into this year hiding form the truth, not paying attention to it, or blatantly ignoring the signs of where you need to be, then this will be a very challenging year for you. There will be a rise and luck for those that do step into their truth as they are in alignment with the universe.

Your faith and trust will be tested along the way, nothing comes easy you know this, and during this process there may be a need to just be in silence, to shut off all the white noise of the world to listen to your own needs and the divine plan for you. You’ll feel more quiet, detached, and introspective than usual with the need for peaceful interactions will be high on the agenda so don’t let that surprise you.

It’s a year where you’re gathering data, collecting knowledge, and probing your own inner depths. Many will have awakenings if they haven’t experienced this already and those that have already awakened will be like “What took you so long? Welcome to the party!” Those seeking spiritual education and progression will find their mentors, connecting to your higher self will become easy and taking a sabbatical will bring a smile to your soul.

It’s also a good time for counselling or therapy, energy work, and anything else that allows you deep personal growth. You need to truly embrace you during this time. This is the “me” year in which the Universe is giving you full permission to contemplate and re-write your own novel of life.

Explore the depths of your soul’s calling and be willing to recalibrate yourself so that you come into alignment with the you that you’re excavating this year. This can be a valuable time to evaluate your sense of independence and how you’ve chosen to take the lead in your life.

Benefits of 2023

  • You’ll feel inspired to connect with your spirituality.

  • You’ll feel empowered when you connect the dots between mind, body, and spirit in a practical way that works for you.

  • You’ll have success when you embrace the internal journey the year brings you.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to see how dealing with your experiences with frustration does not serve you and is not necessary.

  • You’ll feel a deep need to delve into the ways that you can cultivate trust in yourself and in other people.

Challenges of 2023

  • Be aware that you may feel lonely this year.

  • Protect yourself from feelings of isolation by scheduling some breaks for yourself: weekend trips, get-togethers with friends, or meet-ups with colleagues.

  • Be prepared for defaulting into cynicism. This is a great year to discern what you really believe and how you want to act on that knowledge.

Be mindful that this energy began late November 2022 in preparation for the change that is upon you. Step into the New year with a knowing that all that will occur for you in the New Year that is meant for your personal learning, growth, but most of all for what is needed for your own SOUL!

Wishing you all so many blessings for the New Year and I cannot wait to see your true SOUL SHINE.

Rachel Grace xo

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