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Rachel Grace offers complimentary consultations at MATRIX HAIR STUDIO and invite you to book in for this service if you are uncertain on what service you require. Rachel knows that each head of hair is different. Your FREE consultation will allow her to assess your hair its current condition, see its current colour, and together you will work out a plan tailored to you.

This is the first step in a perfect partnership.



RACHEL GRACE is renowned globally as a hair extension and transformation artist. At MATRIX HAIR STUDIO, Rachel chooses to only use premium double drawn Russian Remy tape extensions to ensure that absolutely every service is fulfilled with the utmost care and quality. You will emerge from MATRIX HAIR STUDIO with beautiful hair – that will remain stunning throughout the life of your extensions. 

Please note that one packet of tape extensions is equivalent to half a head. Therefore, if you would like a full head, then two packets is required, and so forth. One packet contains 10 sandwiches (20 individual pieces). This is equivalent to ~55g. We do not halve packets at MATRIX HAIR STUDIO. If you wish, you are able to take any remaining unused hair home, though often we find full packets are required to create the looks Rachel is most well known for.

How many heads/packets of hair required is dependent on your current hair type, as well as the ultimate goal for your hair. If you are uncertain, we recommend booking in for one full head (2 packets). Before the day of your booking, Rachel will work with you on assessing exactly how many packets will be required to achieve your goal hair transformation.

As such, please ensure you budget accordingly for this, as more packets may be required to achieve your dream result. Alternatively, we recommend booking in for a complimentary consultation where we can provide you with an accurate quote prior to your appointment.

In an extension session includes shampoo, blow-dry, installation, cut to blend.

If you are purchasing new extensions, we will remove your existing tape extensions on a complimentary basis. For all other extension types, removal cost will be applied.


All retaping sessions include removal of existing tape extensions, residue removal, shampoo, blow-dry, re-application of extensions and cut to blend. The length of your extensions does not affect the retaping price. We recommend a retaping session every 5-6 weeks. We find that most clients prefer a maximum of 3-4 retaping sessions in total, before getting new hair again.


Half a head of 21.5" extensions • $300

Half a head of 25" extensions • $350

One full head of 21.5" extensions • $600

One full head of 25" extensions • $700

1.5 heads of 21.5" extensions • $990

1.5 heads of 25" extensions • $1050

Two full heads of 21.5" extensions • $1200

Two full heads of 25" extensions • $1400

Re-install  $180


Women's Shampoo, Cut & Style •    $85

Men's Shampoo, Cut & Style •   $40

Kids cut •   $20


Blowdry •   $55

Long Blowdry & Style •   $75


Regrowth only •   $65

full colour • $150

Extra colour application •    TBA

roots & 1/4 HEAD foilS • $160

roots & 1/2 head foils • $200

roots & full head foils • $250


1/4 head foils regrowth • $130

1/2 head foils regrowth • $150

1/2 head foils virgin • $200

Full head foils regrowth • $200

Full head foils virgin • $240

Balayage • $200

Scalp bleach (roots only) • $150

Toner/Root Shadow •   $45


K18 Rescue/ structure treatment •  $30

treatment •  $15


Spray Tan •  $40


Eyebrow Wax •  $25

Lip Wax •  $10

Eyebrow Shape & Tint •  $40

Eyebrow Shape & Henna •  $60

We strongly suggest booking in advance in order to secure your preferred date and time.

Rachel Grace requires 48 hours’ notice for any cancellation/rescheduling of appointment.

Bookings are scheduled carefully to ensure enough time and space is allowed for your appointment to be carried out as effectively as possible with one on one service.


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