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Your spiritual development begins here. Highest quality education with a range of online lessons & courses held at the Academy.

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Connect to your loved ones in spirit or receive a psychic reading for guidance along your life path with Rachel Grace or our Readers at the Academy.


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You have either come across this page on purpose or by chance. I believe that there are no coincidences in life so perhaps you are here because you are in need of information, education, inspiration, guidance, a reading or general curiosity. I welcome you and invite you to take a look. Over the years I have been able to help many through readings and education with all aspects of their lives, from guidance on different areas to reconnecting them to their loved ones that have passed to taking students through all levels of spiritual development. I really love working with not only you but with Spirit. I truly am grateful for this gift I have and loved sharing it with you all. Getting that connection and communication with the Spirit world through both readings and teaching is sometimes all the closure we need and is also the proof that when we pass over our Soul never dies, Love never dies.

The Rachel Grace Showroom & Academy offers not only the highest quality Metaphysical education at an affordable price but also a Showroom filled with lots of Metaphysical Products, Crystals, Oracle & Tarot Cards, Essential Oils, Sacred Scents, Jewellery & more.

I look forward to  Reconnecting  you to your loved ones and I will see you in the SHOWROOM or the ACADEMY classroom.

In light & many blessings,


Tues - Sat

9am - 5pm


As per weekly classes, course and workshop times 

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0407 001 059



Unit F7, 5-7 Hepher Road

Campbelltown NSW 2560, Australia

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