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Take me to Graceland mask are for those that not only love Grace Crystals & Academy and wish they were in the space all the time but for us spiritual peeps that are continually disturbed at night-time by spirit activity.


The spirit world has no concept of time as there is no time or space in their dimension so it is not unusual for them to come in our sleeping hours to wake us up to communicate. They do so as this is the time where we are most relaxed, not distracted by the day to day, third dimensional world that they are able to connect with us. At first this can be a little scary, sometimes annoying and then frustrating when your sleep is broken.


I have been seeing the spirit world all my life and when I was young, I used to see so many faces when I close my eyes. Wearing an eye mask to sleep helps with this activity so you are able to have a restful DREAMTIME…

Take Me to Graceland Sleep Mask

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