Strength grounding and feminine sexuality. 
These beautiful Garnet Spheres also have a Star within when placed in the light. 
When you see a star in the sphere you are blessed with protection, prosperity and good fortune!
Please request a video an I’ll send it to you where you can see the star. 

It’s one of my favorite stones of all time, simply breathtaking in their tumbled, faceted perfection and talk about hard to find. I almost never have pieces like this in stock, so this is a very special listing. It activates the Root Chakra and is very grounding. It reminds women of our divine sexuality. Throughout history, kings, queens, and warriors have worn garnet in their royal adornments and breastplates. Garnet represents higher order emotions and offers incredible strength to the bearer. It is also protective and calming. Any garnet is a stone of psychic protection, a very powerful tool for those who are a bit ungrounded or lacking in physical energy. It will connect you physically to your body and will help stabilize the Kundalini energy, bringing about overall wellness and vitality.

I use them at the end of a meditation or working with the spirit world to ground me by holding one in each hand.

I believe garnets claim their owners. If one of these belongs with you, you’ll know it.

Much Love,
Rachel Grace x

Star Garnet Sphere



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