This Lemurian Seed crystal is from Brazil. (Please note that most Lemurian Seed crystals have natural flaws on the facet edges.) 
This crystal is also a Laser. A Laser is a naturally formed long slender crystal that tapers towards termination. They show a pronounced tapering toward a termination that can be small, very small, or even nonexistent. The main feature is that the crystal is wider at the base than at the tip and their sides are often slightly curved. We offer a detailed description of the many shapes of quartz crystals to help you find the power and energy of this item. 
Lemurian Seed Crystals are said to have originated in a country known as Mu or Lemuria. This civilization, according to the legends, was a peaceful and highly developed spiritual civilization that existed over 12 million years ago in the area of the South Pacific. The area is now beneath the sea. The Lemurians are believed to have foreseen a cataclysmic event, and prepared the Seed Crystals to preserve their knowledge and traditions. During the last days of their civilization, the Lemurians decided to plant seed crystals programmed to transmit a message of oneness. Having seeded the crystals, most of the Lemurians left this planet for other star systems, perhaps as light beings or spirits. Others went into the inner earth where they continue to care for the earth and the seed crystals now surfacing. 
A Laser is used in spiritual healing when the need is to ease the release of attachment usually to a lost loved one or friend. 
In meditation run your fingers over the lines in the crystal to access ancient information.

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