As their name would suggest, these crystals generate energy. They also amplify other types of crystals energy. One may touch these other types/styles of crystals against the sides of the Generator Quartz crystal. It will receive, integrate, amplify and then project that energy outwards – making it available for everyone and everything to use. One may use these crystals for manifestation or crystal programming purposes. Because they generate so much energy, they are also ideal partners to use for crystal protection.
Generators also symbolize the number 6.  Six, among many other interpretations, is the number of accomplishment, purpose, and growth.  It symbolizes the completion of a process and often shows up in your life at the end of a period of great change and activity.  It is your experience with the number 6, which prepares you for the lessons of the number 7.  Six is also the number of the Philosopher’s Stone, The Shield of David, the Seal of Solomon with the power to bind negative energies, and 6 can symbolize sexuality since it represents the hexagram which itself denotes the meeting of male and female.  Six was a perfect number to Pythagoras since it was the midpoint between the 2 of the beginning of growth and the 10 of completion.

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