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To begin - Calculate the following

Day of birth + Month of Birth + 6

Example: If you were born on 4th July, the calculation would be,

4 + 7 + 6 = 17

Break down to single digit = 1 + 7 = 8

In this example look at the number 8 below for your monthly forecast.

Hey Magickal One!

Welcome to spring and lets all hope it’s a sunny one. The time for the spring clean is here and the number 9 being the month to tie up loose ends and begin to prepare for the end of the year to come. The focus for this month will be around the home, family, and responsibilities. During the pandemic we were forced to be at home during lockdowns and then when the world emerged to our new normal home chores seemed to be of less focus. September 2022 will turn your focus back to the state of our homes aesthetically and the need for a huge clean-up will be in order. There will be extra commitments with gatherings to attend and personal life with be busy. Be sure to take the time to clean as you go.


Major changes are expected this September on the home front. There may be feelings of wanting to really see where your time is spent. The need to look at your family’s schedule and bring everyone together to make a new plan of attack is needed. Doing so will create more of a balance to do the things you love and move you in the right direction.


September will bring a need for little more rest that the other numbers. The year has been chaotic and the need to stop and create a peaceful environment at home will be the focus for this month. Where there is peace there is connections and love. Smudging this month will be needed to bring all into perfect balance for you.


These people in September to invite you to their homes for gatherings. There will be a lot of dates to schedule with different groups of friends to invite. Although you are energized by others this month be sure not to burn yourself out with all the entertaining. Perhaps focus on family and friend outings, short travel trips to locations that bring you joy. Whatever you plan for those in your micro world you are sure to bring joy in another heart.


The month of September for you will be one of hard work. It is your job to do the organization around the house as you do it best. It will be a month where you may feel that there is so much to complete as it has been put to the side. Working through this month may also feel that with every task checked off the list more is added. Keep going and know that each task even if the list seems longer when you started is needed for the clearing of your home.


For the month of September, you will lock yourself into your home office and focus on responsibilities. Here you will be planning upcoming travel destinations, educational opportunities and all will be based around the need for growth for your family life. Luck is on your side this month so focus sharply on your manifestations as they will come true.


September brings the double down on family life for you. This energy is stronger than ever before. If you are partnered there may be the need to come closer with your lover, if single the need to find love is on your mind daily. Write down on a piece of paper your ideal home life and love life to imprint it into the matrix so it is returned to you.


This month you may feel like you don’t want to leave your house. It’s a time to reflect on what your own life is like, where you are at in the chapter of your own book and where you wish to be. Don’t be too hard on yourself this month. Take the time to retreat as needed, refocus your energy on replenishment, reflection and self-care then plan to move forward.


September will be the month for number 8 to focus on harmony at work. There may have been an upset where someone integrity is challenged. You charge ahead to see all for what it is and bring aspects of strength and clarity to a situation. Documents may be signed, agreements made both at work and home. Read over these with a close eye.


September will be one to let go for you. A major shift is here, and you may be emotionally holding on for fear of what is to come. There is a need for release. When we release, we are then welcoming a newfound energy into our fields. When doing your spring clean up make sure you are donating items to charity this month.

with sparkles,

Rachel Grace xo

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