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To begin - Calculate the following

Day of birth + Month of Birth + 6

Example: If you were born on 4th July, the calculation would be,

4 + 7 + 6 = 17

Break down to single digit = 1 + 7 = 8

In this example look at the number 8 below for your monthly forecast.

Hey Magickal One!

I am not a financial advisor but the predictions for November in the numbers are pointing towards the guidance of fixing any loans you may have as these rises will not end until April 2023. During this month however is also a great time to purchase any investment properties at a lower rate for financial benefit in the long run but again make sure that you take a close eye on your budget and do not go in over your head.

November is also the month for having the energy you put out returned to you so be mindful of your own self talk and actions. Working on your mindset and the clearing of 2022 is needed now.

Being in the energy of the Astrological sign of Scorpio, there are three ways we can learn to respond to any situations this month as Scorpio has three totem animals that symbolize the spiral of evolution. The Scorpion, The Eagle and the Rising Phoenix. The Scorpion is the lower frequency using it power to sting others and turns on itself when things don’t go their way. The Eagle who has the ability to rise and see situations from a vast perspective. The Rising Phoenix, who is the highest form who confronts itself with the focus to rise and transform.

We all have choices on how we will react to situations this month, which totem will you align your energy to?

The assessment of where you are at financially will be the focus this month and below will be what will be a spot light for you in regards to your own personal number.


Number ones, you will place your energy this month on the need to book a holiday or begin the travelling adventures. It has been a tough year and you require to get social again, show your expression and live life a little. You will encounter new friends along the way this month but just watch the overseas conversion rates so you are not stung when you return.


Number twos your focus for November will be to sit down and work out that household budget once and for all. There is no more procrastination needed as you have done enough of that this year. Once you are organized you will be able to take that full breath and even be able to keep the lifestyle you are accustomed to. The quicker you knuckle down and get it done the more spending you can do. It is also a great time to make plans on what 2023 will look like for you going forward and whom will be around for the ride.


Number threes, November may bring changes on the home front. There may be a movement of locations and you will be very busy having fun and making much needed plans along the way. An outpouring of funds with the move with the home or work will bring a much-needed flow of new energy your way and a little extra funds to spend on self-development and education.


Number fours. New relationships are on the way to you and these partnerships will test responsibilities. Being ethical in your dealings with family will be a main focus for you and you may find you will have a low tolerance for those that do not show up with integrity. While your own personal morals and beliefs will be the focus you need to remember to hold compassion for those that may not see things the way you do. Remember your reactions are to be soft and gentle this month and watch the sting that can harm those you love.


Number fives your month will be the total reflection and observation of others in situations. How will they react, in their own reaction what can you learn and in turn be the one not to react. There will also be a need for you to slow down. Your micro world with all its plans has taken it toll for you as well as hit your back pocket! Take a step back and only commit to what you feel is needed for your own souls’ path. Treat yourself with a purchase for you, you deserve it!


Number sixes for the month of November your mind will be racing with all the money-making ideas, learning and putting all the practice into action. If you have begun a new business or wishing to turn that side hustle into reality this is the month to do it. If you are wanting to step into learning and sign up for a course then this month is favorable for your learning journey and there is so much luck on your side for career achievements and acknowledgements.


Number seven, this month may be an emotional one for you. Being surrounded by those you love, being in the present moment, and having a smile on your face you think to yourself wow I really have it all! But what will come next? Well, that is up to you, and how much you wish to put into your life here. There will be a feeling of stillness with no forward movement and no backwards either. That feeling of being stuck isn’t a bad thing it is just a pause for now so embrace this pause before the energy ramps up again.


Number eights, it is risk taking month for you and you have the ability to make it happen. It is like this month is New Years Day and all the hard work you have put in this year will be beneficial and show you its rewards finally. There will be the opportunity to place your finances into a venture, purchase a lotto ticket but you need to again be mindful of what your limit is in your investment. You have learnt, you have grown and implemented the changes needed for yourself. This positive step forward this month will be reflected in all areas of your life. You understand the changes that needed to occur and it will feel like a penny drop moment. Remember to keep assessing though and stick to what works as you move through the remainder of the year.


Number nine, for you the month of November will be quite sensitive. You crave some peace for your soul and the need to release worry around your financial position. This month is it required for you to gain the support of a friend, partner and to talk out any fears relating to your own personal situation. They will help you see things clearer and show you the progress possible. Be like Eagle and see the situation from a different perspective.

with sparkles,

Rachel Grace xo

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