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REIKI 1 COURSE with Leanne

Sunday 21st February

Tanran Reiki Level 1 - No experience necessary. All you need is an open heart, open mind and a willingness to learn and experience life force energy.

Would you like the opportunity to treat yourself, family, friends and animals with a complementary healing modality that works side by side with other modalities and treatments?

Reiki is a loving energy providing relaxation and wellbeing. Reiki energy works with the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of oneself. Reiki is also a beautiful way to awaken your consciousness and to commence your journey within.

Reiki is energy channelled to a recipient. A recipient can be human, animal, plants or places. Reiki is non-judgemental, unconditional love, providing peacefulness and well-being.

What to expect from Tanran Reiki Level 1 training:

• Sacred, loving space for healing and learning to occur.

• History of Reiki from Dr Mikao Usui.

• Knowledge of Tanran Reiki Lineage.

• How to connect with Reiki.

• How to treat yourself, family, friends and animals using traditional Usui and Tanran Reiki.

• Tanran Reiki attunement for life. Tanran Reiki Lineage offers the master symbol at the commencement of your Reiki journey.

• Experience giving and receiving of Reiki.

• Manual

• Tanran Reiki Level 1 certificate

• Private Facebook Group offering ongoing support

The simplicity and power of Tanran Reiki offers healing, support, nurturing, loving energy to support you on your life’s journey on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Certificate issued upon completion.


Sunday 14th March 2021


This course has been specifically designed for the beginner wanting to further understand their spirituality and own potential. You do not need any experience in Psychic or Mediumship work to attend. During this intensive 1 day course I will take you on a inner journey to spiritual awareness. You will not only gain knowledge on aspects of the basics of Psychic and Mediumship work, but gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your own soul. I will be assisting you to expand your awareness and enable you to utilize your mind, body and spirit as an introduction into the Spirit world.


The course includes meditations, practical exercises and group discussions.

Please contact the Academy via email all enquiries.



Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th April 2020

Are you wanting to expand and develop your Psychic ability?

Do you want to know what to look for when you read for others?

How to read? Did you want to become a reader?

Are you looking to find out what psychic tool suits you?

In this 2 day intensive workshop you will be covering all areas of Psychic theory and practical of psychic readings, tools to use, how to read and use them. Saturday - theory Sunday - practical

You must have prior basic understanding of spiritual development.

Level 1 students are automatically accepted into this workshop.


This class has been brought to you by request of the numerous students.

THE MYSTICAL APPRENTICE will take you through various applications of spiritual work explaining and focusing on key areas surrounding your magickal practice.

Please contact for more information



This 2 Day course has been designed as an introduction into TAROT.

Once completed you will have a basic understanding on each of the Major and Minor Arcana cards in the Tarot as well as have the confidence to read for yourself and others.

Please contact for more information




Rachel Grace will take you through the Western Method of Numerology

using the Rachel Grace Numerology Cards on this two-day course.

Topics include but are not limited to life path numbers, life lesson numbers, day and year numbers and chart creation.

Please contact for more information

Introduction to Mediumship - Level 3


This course has been specifically designed for the beginner wanting to start to their Mediumship connection journey.

This one day course consists of theory based learning with some exercises.

Please contact for more information



This workshop has been specifically designed to put the theory into practice.
Lots of discussions and exercises to give you the opportunity to grow your mediumship.


Pre-requisite Level 1 Spiritual Development Course,

Psychic Development Workshop, Introduction into Mediumship workshop or equivalent.

REIKI 11 COURSE with Leanne

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd May

Reiki Level II Training

Are you ready to take your Reiki Journey to a deeper level?

Reiki Level II or Second-Degree Reiki is often referred to as the Practitioners Level. This is advanced Reiki training. On competition of the course you will become certified to commence your own Reiki Practice and earn an income through Reiki. This is the level required by many associations for membership as a practitioner. However, Reiki Level II is also beneficial for people wanting to go further with their own personal healings, bringing their awareness to the connection of the Reiki energy at a deeper level.

Level II builds on your connection and awareness in all areas of self - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Level II training is held over two days in a loving sacred space to support your journey of personal healing, growth, empowerment, deepening your spiritual development and connection within and to Reiki.


You need to hold a Reiki Level 1 Certification for at least 6 months prior to the commencement of this course.  You will be required to submit a copy of your certification prior to the commencement date.


Course Outline:

  • Understanding of the Tanran Reiki system.

  • Learning and exploring 7 major Chakras

  • How to do distance healing.

  • Offering Reiki to past and future generations

  • Advanced techniques with the Reiki energy.

  • Exploring and learning the 7 Tanran Reiki symbols

  • The use of the breath and sound.

  • What it means to hold sacred space for healing to occur.

  • Giving and receiving Reiki

  • Group healing sessions.

  • How to run a Reiki practice.

  • Level II attunement with the 7 Symbols.

  • Relaxed, loving space to allow healing and guidance from within.

  • Meditations


The Course also includes:

  • An extensive manual

  • Tanran Reiki Level II Certificate.

  • Continued support for your Reiki journey.

Certificate issued upon completion.


Tuesday - Saturday

9am - 4pm


As per weekly classes, course and workshop times.


0407 001 059


Unit F7, 5-7 Hepher Road

Campbelltown NSW 2560, Australia

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